Getting Older and Arthritis

Many of the health problems affecting us as we age are to do with a gradual reduction of function in one or more of our  body systems throughout our lives.  That reduction in the efficiency of one part of our body places more demand on the energy demands of other organs or structures. This can cause an adverse drain on valuable body resources.

As we get older and our flexibility can be limited, circulation sluggish and tissues are slower to repair and heal. We need to function as efficiently as possible as we age to maintain good health.

Conditions for which this can be particularly effective include osteoarthritis. While osteopaths do not claim to be able to repair worn cartilage of joints, by working on the muscles and flexibility of joints we are able to achieve a surprising amount.

The chronic respiratory problems sometimes associated with ageing can also be relieved. Headaches and certain types of dizziness might be amenable to osteopathic treatment.

Osteopathic treatment can help improve and maintain balance through treatment and advised exercise regime.  This can also be beneficial after falls or bed rest.