Osteopath in Cliftonwood Bristol – Ceri Bloor

I am Registered Osteopath who has practised in Bristol for the last 34 years. My practice is Clifton, Cliftonwood, Hotwells and the Barton Hill areas. I see people of all ages including: adults, children, babies, teenagers, pregnant women, new mothers and athletes .

I support my osteopathic practise with acupuncture, having trained to foundation level with the British Medial Acupuncture Society, BMAS.

If you have private health insurance it is likely that some or all of your osteopathic treatment will be covered.

For further information about osteopathy, acupuncture, appointments, consultations, treatments and other information, please see the links above.

Please contact me for an appointment or if you wish to discuss whether osteopathic treatment is suitable for you.

I am fully insured through the Institute of Osteopathy.

What is osteopathy and the role of an osteopath?

Osteopathy is a philosophy of healthcare that acknowledges that the living body is a self-renewing, self-regenerating, self-recuperating system which maintains health constantly throughout life. Whenever that health-maintaining system is compromised, symptoms or disease could develop. Osteopathy is concerned with that which has compromised health rather than the resulting condition.

Osteopaths have been regulated by statute since 1993. They are trained to diagnose conventionally and also to use their hands to assess body function and dysfunction. This gives the osteopath uniquely sensitive information about the disability within the body and how this insight might be used to help restore health.